Basically, I'm a1978 F-150 pickup masquerading as a rusty crustacean wearing a giant Bison Skull on it's back the way a Hermit Crab inhabits the shell of another sea creature.


I include a shaded seating area in the rear, an elevated observation platform on the roof, and I shoot flames out of the end of my horn. This is an earlier sketch with only one horn, and represents the configuration necessary for driving around the streets of Blackrock City (because it's less than 15' wide.)

The images below represent the full scope of the project...


With two horns, and the Bison's skull plate suspended between them to create a covered space on the ground below for performances. Modern Dance performances, Music performances, DJ dance parties, Karaoke, Shakespeare, whatever. 

Colored Elev copy.jpg
Horny Bison.plan.jpg
The idea here is to be a stationary sculpture & performance space by day, and a Mutant Vehicle at night.


During the daylight hours, I'll be parked out on the Playa - a hazy apparition off in the distance, a giant bleached headbone lying on the ground in the desert. Upon closer inspection though, it seems there might be more to this story. The skull is perched on the back of that most emblematic icon of western expansion, agriculture and ranching...the pickup truck. But this ones got legs, claws, eyeballs and antennae made out of rusty farm equipment. The eliptical top of the Bison's skull has been cut off and is suspended between the horns, creating a place of significance on the ground below. Occupying the space below this canopy and looking up, one would see the smooth convulations of the underside of the skull plate that correspond to the shape of the brain that used to live there.

Makes you think...

Circus of longing-elev.jpg
The Circus of Longing...coming to a Wyoming town near you in the summer of 2020

(As long as you live in small town Wyoming that is.)

The vehicle is currently included in a Creative Capital grant proposal as a traveling circus style dance performance venue intended to travel the state

during a 2 week tour of small town county fairs, rodeos, farmers markets, etc. The original pool of 5,200 applicants has been

narrowed down to 46, including the Circus of Longing. Approximately 6-10 projects will ultimately be funded. Our fingers are crossed...

Here's a gallery of images describing the process of developing and illustrating this idea, and by the way,
we're hoping you will choose to help fund the construction of this crazy thing.


You can make your tax deductible donation through our partner organization, Dancers' Workshop. Here's a link:

Just be sure to let them know it's for the Circus of Longing/ Skull on Wheels project. Thanks!